Data Access Application Block v2 Bug

Mark Brown posted his fix for a bug in the FillDataSet method of the SqlHelper in the Data Access Application Block. The problem occurs when trying to use the FillDataSet method to fill a typed dataset that contains more than two tables. It works great for the first two, not at all for the subsequent tables.

I gave Marks\’s fix a try, but it still didn’t fix the problem for me. I did more digging and found a slightly different fix straight from the authors of the DAAB on the GotDotNet workspace for the DAAB. The fix is in the bug section (direct links don’t seem to work) This cleared up my problem right away. Of course, the bug is fixed in version 3+ of the DAAB. If you are like me, the MSDN site has been my source for the code for the application blocks, and of course there is only 2.0 on the site.

I did not realize they were on version 3 of the DAAB. The authors have added support for an abastract factory to make the SqlHelper ADO.Net provider independant. I don’t know about the rest of you, but the only projects I have ever had to change the database provider on have been Access upgrades. I have never had to move a database back end, say from SqlServer to Oracle. Is it more common than I realize?