Looking Back and Forward

What Happened in 2011

  • I spent too much time with SharePoint (as the Cloud lead developer) so
  • I changed jobs which means
  • I moved into mobile development
  • And therefore I learned to write code for BlackBerry and Android which means
  • I learned Java
  • I got to deploy my first apps in the cloud for mobile back-ends, using both Azure and Google
  • Spent a fair amount of time with Mobile Web

Goals for 2012

Today I found a great post by Michael Crump about goals for the coming year. I guess I’m doing OK because I am already doing most of the things he advocates, and I agree with all of them. I’m going to incorporate some of those with modifications for myself.

My own goals for 2012:

  • Continue becoming a polyglot developer
    • Learn a new programming language (Objective-C)
    • Learn and use a new design pattern (TBD)
  • Read and Contribute to Stack Overflow more often
  • Get an app in two app stores
  • Consistently generate blog and Twitter content