I am getting to know OneNote now that I am a laptop user. It has been very useful in meetings and very good for organizing my thinking/working, but I learned a couple new things last week that are worth noting:

  • You can capture audio as a note. I am finding this very useful when listening to .NetRocks shows and I want to save a small part of it that I can get back to quickly. I can add my own text comments right there as well as relevant URLs, etc. Just change the audio input source to Wave Out Mix in the Options dialog box.
  • You can capture screenshots into a note (Insert Menu -> Screen Clipping). This is only in OneNote Service Pack 1. I am currently in the design phase of an application and this is very handy. I can take a screenshot into the note and then share the note in meetings with the team. You can even do this when OneNote is closed using the OneNote icon in the system tray.