Shrinking SQL Log Files During SharePoint Development

I have been developing for SharePoint lately, working on timer jobs. This resulted in tons of deployments and job runs, and before I knew it my SharePoint_Config database was huge! I was working in a virtual machine with disk partitions, and my data disk ran out of space. At least it was on a partition and I didn’t hose my OS….

So it seems to be a simple problem to solve. Backup the database, shrink the log file. Not so fast partner, this is SharePoint. The database is not in Simple recovery mode, it’s in Full recovery mode (for a reason I am sure, I just don’t know what it is). You can truncate the log file and remove the data, but the physical file won’t shrink. My colleague J Wolfgang Goerlich pointed out one of his old blog posts that was just the ticket. Essentially you are changing the mode, shrinking the file and changing the mode back all in one operation, which won’t upset SharePoint. The log file went from about 9 gigs to 600k. Nice.

As noted in the blog post, this is not a good thing to do to a production system, there are consequences. But for a dev system I wouldn’t worry about it.