Why Is This Here?

I figure this first post can be an “About Me” to let readers know what to expect here.

I have been developing application sites with ASP since 1998 or so, mostly straight ASP, but some COM objects. I am currently part of a small team (2 of us) that develops an in-house application for my employer (MSX International in the Detroit area). It is an ASP app that is used internally. We are currently finishing up a small job board that will be part of the external web site and the job board part is 100% ASP.Net. We are about 6 months into the project, which is yet to be released, due to political problems within the company and also some feature creep.

At the same time, we are slowly converting the internal app that I work on from ASP to ASP.Net. We encountered some stumbling blocks along the way, but impressively all the answers were found within the .Net framework.

The main thread of this blog is to describe the stumbling blocks and how we overcome them.